Lost Sage Diffusers
Lost Sage Diffusers
Lost Sage Diffusers

Lost Sage Diffusers

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I can't say enough good things about these diffusers! Great for someone who always forgets their candles are burning.... or literally anyone else! Jokes aside, these babies last for-ev-er. The label says 4 months but we've tested them and the scent just keeps on scenting. Each diffuser comes with bottle of scented oil + reeds. Flip your reeds once a month to keep the aroma strong.

USA made- small batch!


DREAMCATCHER- Wildflower + Amber Noir. This scent is very zen and very amber-forward. Soft and gentle.

WILDWOOD- Silver Birch + Pinecone. Like taking a deep breath out in the middle of the forest... in the mountains.... in the evening.

WANDERLUST- Pomegranate + Woodland. A BEST SELLER. Equal parts refreshing and outdoorsy.

LA SIRENNA- Pomelo + Mangosteen. Talk about fresh! This diffuser is a citrus lover's dream.